CHICAGO: South Loop Restaurants
(including Printers Row)

Printer’s Row feels like a small, family-oriented neighborhood. It is a self-contained community, with a flower shop, a day spa, dry cleaners, restaurants, a coffee shop, a tavern, a wine shop, several bookshops, convenience stores, realtors and even the nearby Hilton Chicago. It’s all here.


Buddy Guy's Legends 
|  754 S. Wabash  |  (312) 427-0333  |  (312) 427-1190

This cozy little blues club features live music every night of the week. Some of the musical guests are well-known acts around Chicago, and others are more obscure, but all of them are sure to please even the most exacting blues fans. The interior of the club lives up to the blues-theme; the walls, décor, and even the felt on the pool tables all glow a healthy blue.

As you listen to the music, enjoy some Louisiana-style food; they offer combinations like ribs and greens and catfish soup, as well as dependable burgers and fries

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American Dining

Bar Louie
47 W. Polk, Chicago
Telephone: (312) 347-0000.

755 S. Clark St., Chicago
Telephone: (312) 786-1161.

Buddy Guy's Legends
754 S. Wabash
Telephone: (312) 427-0333
Telephone: (312) 427-1190

Cactus Bar & Grill
404 S. Wells St
Telephone (312) 922-3830

Chicago Firehouse Restaurant
1401 S. Michigan Ave
Telephone: (312) 786-1401
733 S. Dearborn, Chicago
Telephone: (312) 461-1116.

Manny's Cafe Shop and Deli
1141 S. Jefferson
Telephone:(312) 939-2855

65 E. Adams St.
Telephone: (312) 786-9911

Standing Room Only
610 S. Dearborn St., Chicago
Telephone: 312) 360-1776.


Asian and Pacific Rim Dining

My Thai Restaurant
333 S. State St.
Telephone: (312) 986-0999

1301 S. Wabash Ave
Telephone: (312) 461-0161
Taste of Siam
600 S. Dearborn St.
Telephone: (312) 939-1179.


Breakfast & Coffee Houses

728 S. Dearborn, Chicago
Telephone: (312) 427-2610.
1120 S. Michigan Ave.
Telephone: (312) 789-9655

Italian Dining

1312 S. Wabash Ave.
Telephone: (312) 939-3870
Trattoria Caterina
616 S. Dearborn St., Chicago
Telephone: (312) 939-7606.


Edwardo's Natural Pizza
521 S. Dearborn St., Chicago
Telephone: (312) 939-3366.

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