Chicago Packing List

Begin with a proper travel bag. There are many more things to bring but this should get you started (and heck, if you forget ANYTHING, the SHOPPING in Chicago matches the likes of New York City WITHOUT paying the high PRICE!!!)


Keep all this information in one small secure bag, safely tucked away and keep possession of your carry-on at ALL times. 
___ Eye Glass Prescription
___ Drivers License
___ Medical/Dental Insurance Card
___ Personal Insurance Papers

Make sure these items are properly marked and in a small, clear zip-loc bag. You'll have to show these to the security people.
___ Alka Seltzer
___ Vitamins
___ Pain Killers (i.e. Aspirin / Tylenol)
___ Pepto Bismol
___ Prescription (s)
___ Antacid Tablets (i.e. Tums / Rolaids)

Be aware of new security restrictions regarding liquids. Hotels very often offer complimentary hair dryers (ask before you pack) shampoo, toothpaste and lotion. It could save you a lot of luggage space and hassle at security. 
___ Suntan Lotion / Sun Block
___ Sun Burn Pain Relief (i.e. solar cane)
___ Tooth Brush / Paste
___ Deodorant
___ Shampoo
___ Skin Lotion
___ Comb / Hairbrush
___ Hair Dryer
___ Razors / Shavers
___ Shaving Cream
___ Gel / Mouse / Hairspray

Bringing too much clothing can be worse than not enough. Bring clothes that pack well (don't wrinkle) and serve multiple purposes.
Maybe think about bringing a collapsible bag (remember? Shopping?).
___ Bathing Suit
___ Shirts (short / long sleeve)
___ Shorts
___ Trousers
___ Socks
___ Belts
___ Underwear
___ Thermal Underclothing
___ Bras
___ Stockings
___ Nightgowns
___ Pajamas
___ Sandals
___ Sneakers
___ Dresses
___ Jacket
___ Suit (s)
___ Tie (s)
___ Sweaters
___ Rainwear

Miscellaneous Items 
Keep your camera with you at all times. Scissors, nail files and umbrellas, will have to be checked. If you're able to do carry on only, you'll probably have to buy those items once you arrive  
___ Small, clear zip-loc bags
___ Sewing Kit
___ Repair Glues (quick drying)
___ Scissors
___ Camera
___ Film/memory card
___ Batteries/charger
___ Umbrella
___ Cell / Mobile Phone

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