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(North Side Clubs)

The ONLY way you'll ever be able to enjoy ALL the jazz, blues and dance clubs Chicago has to offer, is to LIVE here.  Chicago sounds could EASILY be the best in the country. But you'll just have to find out for yourself. Start with an incredible dinner and you'll have an evening to remember!


Our Top Pick
The Underground Wonderbar | 10 E. Walton | (312) 266-7761

Established in 1989, this tiny venue is open 365 days a year. Live music is offered nightly to an incredibly eclectic group of patrons. Although, jazz and blues are the main focus, acoustic guitar and piano music are often featured, along w
ith music ranging from Joplin, to Rap, to Marley, to Sinatra. Music begins at 8PM and continues to 4AM (5AM on Saturdays). Ordering or bringing in carryout food is acceptable. Truly a classic.


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The Loop
404 S. Wells St
(312) 922-3830
Tex-Mex Style with Interesting Drinks

Cardozo's Pub
170 W. Washington St
(312) 236-1573
In the basement with the local politicians

Cavanaugh's Bar & Restaurant
53 W. Jackson Blvd
Monadnock Bldg.
(312) 939-3125
Where the local Business folks gather.
Govnor's Pub
220 N. Randall Rd
(847) 658-4700

Miller's Pub
134 S. Wabash Ave
(312) 645-5377
Since 1935!

Monk's Pub
205 W. Lake St
(312) 357-6665
Locals, peanuts and loud music! Look Like a Celebrity!

South Loop

Alcock's Inn
411 S. Wells St.
(312) 922-1778
Great Sports Bar

Buddy Guy's Legends
754 S. Wabash Ave
(312) 427-0333
Mellow Blues

31 E. Balbo Dr
(312) 362-9707
Not for profit Live Music
South Loop Club
701 S. State St
(312) 427-2787
Neighborhood Sports Bar

1023 S. State St.
(312) 939-9160
Mean Martinis! Look Like a Celebrity!

Far North Side

Aragon Ballroom
1106 W. Lawrence Ave
(773) 561-9500
Beautiful 1926 dance hall.

Charmers Cafe
Rogers Park
1502 W. Jarvis Ave.
(773) 743-2233
Primarily gay but welcoming to everyone.
The Green Mill
4802 N. Broadway Ave
(773) 878-5552
Trendy spot for poets and jazz afficionados.


West Side

Betty's Blue Star Lounge
1600 W. Grand Ave.
(312) 243-8778
With a 5am liquor license!

Club Foot
1824 W. Augusta St.
(773) 489-0379
Young dance spot

Danny's Tavern
1951 W. Dickens Ave
(773) 489-6457
Versatile DJ!

Gold Star Lounge
1755 W. Division St
(773) 227-8700
Many well priced beers!

1850 N. Damen Ave
(773) 862-1688
Your dog is welcome (believe it!)

770 N. Milwaukee Ave
(312) 666-9292
Tiny and PACKED!
Rainbo Club
1150 N. Damen Ave.
(773) 489-5999
The Artists Bar...

Silver Cloud Bar & Grill
1700 N. Damen Ave
(773) 489-6212
Great microbrews and wines by the glass

1444 W. Chicago Ave
(312) 226-7600
Quiet, calm and great acoustics!

1431 W. Lake St.
(312) 491-8600
Upscale luxury

Tuman's Alcohol Abuse Center
2201 W. Chicago Ave.
(773) 782-1400
For the serious drinker Look Like a Celebrity!
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West Town

1640 N. Damen Ave
(773) 227-2277
Nostalgic spot with 27 varieties of canned beer

Estelle's Cafe & Pub
2013 W. North Ave
(773) 782-0450
Neighborhood rock and roll bar

Green Dolphin Street
2200 N. Ashland Ave
(773) 395-0066
Elegant ballroom for the classy crowd

The Hideout
1354 W. Wabansia
(773) 227-4433
They made country music hip in

Map Room
1949 N. Hoyne Ave
(773) 252-7636
The Travelers' Tavern with beers from around the world

Marie's Rip Tide Lounge
1745 W. Armitage Ave
(773) 278-7317
Seventy-something Marie runs
the place. She looks like your grandmother but acts like a
truck driver.

Rosa's Lounge
3420 W. Armitage Ave
(773) 493-3477
Tony and his mom Rosa moved
here from Italy out of their love for
the blues. She works the bar, he
works the crowd

Silver Cloud Bar & Grill
1700 N. Damen Ave
(773) 489-6212
Champagne cocktails and Sloppy
Joes? Why NOT?

Wicker Park
1383 N. Milwaukee Ave
(773) 278-1830
Piano Lounge and separate Cabaret Room.

Double Door
Wicker Park
1572 N. Milwaukee Ave
(773) 489-3160
Up and coming national and local
talent with a great beer selection

Funky Buddha Lounge
Wicker Park
An intimate bar and dark dance
floor guarded by a big metal Buddha
at the front door

Nick's Beer Garden
Wicker Park
1516 N. Milwaukee Ave.
(773) 252-1155
Late night live R&B, blues, jazz, soul and funk!

Northside Bar & Grill
Wicker Park
1635 N. Damen Ave
(773) 384-3555
Eat, drink and shoot pool with an enclosed indoor-outdoor patio.

Salud Tequila Lounge
Wicker Park
1471 N. Milwaukee Ave
(773) 235-5577
75 Premium of 'the world's most misunderstood spirits'

The Note
Wicker Park
1565 N. Milwaukee Ave
(773) 365-9000
Wicker Park's favorite live music spot.

Vintage Wine Bar
Wicker Park
1943 W. Division St
(773) 772-3400
Relaxing affordable wine bar with a working fireplace in the lounge. Look Like a Celebrity!

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